Sunday, October 5, 2008

Human vs. Animal

A violent streak is there in all of us. Mostly it stays dormant until triggered and our responses to something that’s only human differ greatly especially if it's parental violence

I've seen enough mothers reach the end of their tether and let out their rage on a child. Of course a little while later they'll coddle the child with hugs, kisses and treats to assuage their guilt.

In the Indian scenario of course beating children to discipline them is a common resort.

But how necessary is it? How can a parent expect his children to control their emotions when he/she parents let loose his?

I watched a video by Saatchi & Saatchi, Beirut, and it really tugged at my heart. The tagline goes

"Some kids wish their parent were animals."

The thought behind it runs very deep and the visuals are all equally emotion and thought-provoking.

Violence begets violence.

I've always believed that. But some how it is always an undercurrent in us and you see it everyday is some aspect of life or the other.

Even if you escape it the entire day, get back home, dump yourself on the sofa and switch on the telly. KABOOM.

There it is again. It's found you. You see a bomb blast in news or domestic violence on the regional soaps or dhaam-dhoom-dishum in the movies.

Conclusion: Control.

I cannot believe that when we can control so many responses and reactions through the day. Cajole our bosses, be diplomatic with the colleagues and saccharine with the neighbors, we can't control our temper in our own homes.

Letting rage out is an indulgence. On you may indulge in private. Take it out on a boxing bag or a pillow.

Spare the child.

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