Wednesday, October 1, 2008

so who am i kidding??

I started as the ideal child
Never a step out of line
Grew up being the ideal one
Faults I thought in me were none

Then came the arguments and fights
When I began to stand up for what I thought was right
But I was just twelve, they all said
You've hardly been far from the home where you dwell

I was too young
to save the world
too naive to see
that the hearts were long cold

At sixteen I marched out in tow
With big missions in mind
And all the things from
The education prescribed

I spoke out loud
I'd thought they would listen
But they all just guffawed
Knowing that the world cannot of evil be ridden

Yet again at eighteen when I could vote
I thought I'd finally crossed that long moat
That divided me
from the adult world

In vain, I spoke
While alongside them I walked
But they'd already figured it out
I was just a child, who'd eventually tire out

Now much older I have grown
I know now what I should then have known
My shoulders feel heavy, my head hangs low
The people me I find shallow

I had sought to change
The way they had lived
For centuries together
And now a not a 'damn' they give

Their hearts are cold as stone
Their bodies, the bricks
Their hearts won't thaw,
Their bricks won't shift

Who am I kidding?
It’s a great big wall
That’s not going to move
That’s not going to fall

The road around it
Is very long
Should I take it?or am I wrong?

It's much much easier
To stand here with them
Instead of walking alone
As I have been for so long

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