Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This morning i rode out of bed straight into the woods back door and stopped by the brook. I bent over to take a sip of the dazzling clear water when i got knocked over by a giant who laughed heartily as i went down the river with the current through rapids and finally plummeted down the edge of the cliff.

As i fell, everything slowed down and a school of sparrows caught me by my hair and carried me to terrafirma. My feet planted wide, i steadied myself and dusted off the dirt from my clothes. I then looked around to thank the Sparrow Prince on whose orders his feathered friends had saved me.

My heart that by then had been beating all over the place jumped back up my throat and stifled my scream.

I realise I was under the shadow of a huge bill board with blazing lights that blared music from bugs bunny cartoons.

The sign read

"difference between fact and fiction?

fiction is expected to make sense!"

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inanimate said...

the hindi poem is nice and the concluding line of this write is insightful.......