Monday, September 8, 2008

The Answer

Lost in the moors of my mind, I kept wandering until I came to the edge of that 'wretched' cliff.

'I've been here,' I thought to myself as déjà vu made its presence felt.

'Now that I think it over, I've been here more than once. Maybe it's a sign.'

I peered over the edge of the cliff and saw how it was a very long way down. Shivering, I stepped back hugging myself. Was it cold? Or had the fog rolled in? I don't remember if I felt any of it. All I felt was 'lost.'

I shook my head and started to reassure myself loudly in an effort to break the haunting silence.

'Oh come on…Think rationally. How did I get here? Was this planned? I had it all mapped out, didn't I? Yet, here I am, lost without a clue. How could I have gotten so far?'

I peered over again, as though the answer would jump up at me from down there, but all I saw were mean-looking rocks beckoning me from below.

And then, I could see nothing else. The fog was on me now. There wasn't much seeing left for me to do.

Desperation flooded me.

'That's it. I've had enough. This is not the road I took.'

I closed my eyes and wished it all away. Opening them was a big mistake. I felt colder than ever and more 'lost' than I ever could be.

I stared straight ahead into the fog for a while, and then curiosity got the better of me, so I peered down again.

My gut has never lied to me and it told me once again that down there was where the answer lied. And there it was.

I saw myself on those very jagged rocks that had frightened me but a moment ago. They had befriended me some how and now hugged my limp body, while I looked down from above.

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