Sunday, September 28, 2008

Born alone to die alone

"Where the hell is matt?" is an amazing video where this guy dances in the middle of so many places and get the natives to dance him.

I watched the video and then followed up on it and realized that "Where the hell is Matt?" is almost a movement now and an example that can be quoted for stuff like cultural integration.

The idea is simple. There are several shots of Matt dancing in different places in the world, with nice music playing in the background while Matt performs the same dance step again and again and again, but its leaves a smile on your face. The feel-good factor left behind by such a downright simple concept is worth a closer look.

Were we always meant to be marked by the differences of our skin, tongues and the where we were born?

They aren’t even differences if you look at it scientifically, studies in genetics have proven that the differences are only skin deep and our races have no specific genetic tags.

Then why do we believe 'good fences make good neighbors'? Frost didn't like it either. He questioned the existence of the unnatural walls we have built between us with bricks, mortar and what not.

It's not just the walls between countries and races, you know… I have several walls in my own house. Each member of the family has erected many including myself. But my walls have their soft points where the rock has worn out and a simple knock or push can bring that section of it down.

I tell myself that if they really want to…they will make the effort to find those weaker points in the wall and bring it down. But the truth is that nobody has the time for it and I like staying in the midst of these walls. It's cozy and comfortable.

Lofty ideal of togetherness I hold dear, but yet when it comes to my own domain, I'd rather live alone.

here is another video i love

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