Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dealing with bAD hAIR dAYs

Bad hair days happen to me so often, I wonder if 'good hair days' are legends from the 'good ole days' [whenever that was…my hair usually malfunctions]. But of course I've seen even divas look pathetic on the red carpet so that is one major consolation.

However, bad hair days have been blessings in disguise. How?

Well, they give me a chance to experiment with different looks. I don't mean different hats. I really do mean different looks.

My hair has a mind of its own and often looks like I've just gotten outta bed but the days I thought UH OH and tried something new where the days I landed with maximum compliments.

My sis has bugged me now to gov her a few tops she can write to a teen mag so here they are:

Your hair is always gonna be your crowning glory. You just need to work on it.

Here are three very easy do-it-yourself fixes:


What the most common fix you would go for on a bad hair day?

A pony tail right?

So how about two?

Not the two palm trees you have overhead in your two-year old snaps but two low messy ponies at the nape of your neck giving you a cute dreamy-gal look.

Just part your hair in the centre using your fingers [you don't want to look like the old lady in the shoe]. Secure each side into a ponytail at the nape of your neck with small elastic bands. Loosen a few strands here and there and finger-tease the ponytails to add volume…Voila

You have your very own adorable girl-next-door look.


For the next fix….how about a braid?

Hey. Don't jump to conclusions before you try it.

Go for a fishtail. It looks lovely and with a little practice you'd be able to do it in no time.

To start, pull hair to one side of head and split it into two sections--not three as you would a normal braid. Then, pull a small section of hair from the far side of one section and attach it to the other section. Repeat on other side, adding a piece from the section that's closest to your neck to the other section, then go back to first side and repeat again and again until you've got a fishy-funky braid.

Hair is a complete just-out-of bed-tumble and you have only five minutes to straighten out the bird's nest?

Well don’t tame it completely. Wet your fingers with some water from the tap and rub a little hair serum between your palms. Now run your fingers through your hair close to the scalp. Then comb your hair as neat and prim as you can along the scalp and clip the hair behind in a tight barrette or band. You'll have a neat and messy mix that'll add a new dimension to your appearance.

There you go. Now you have three different looks to save your day.

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