Friday, October 24, 2008

untold stories...unasked questions...

what do u do
when you badly want someone to talk to?
the one person you know who'll listen
doesn't live here anymore

the phones aren't working
the internet is slow
the messenger won't connect
your inbox won't download

time is running out
you are starting to despair
soon you'll change your mind
about what you wanted to say

the words will stay unspoken
the story untold

that piece of hell or heaven you needed to share
will never unfold

so what do you do?


sesh said...

aww! .. seriously... double aww! :)

satya said...

ohhh! i like :P
you couldn't have put it better!

22yards said...

better lets not think abt it!! :P
What say ???

Vinod said...

Why there's always the good ol reliable Kabootar