Sunday, January 11, 2009

who says??

they say a bird doesnt care if its cage is golden
it yearns only to be free

those words rang so true
when they put me here in my golden cage
i despised it
i looked up to the sky every day
i remembered soaring in its heights
slicing through its depths
diving down only for a sip or a nip
and then heading back in to the clouds
i loved the friction of wind through my feathers
the push and pull of the currents
and then i fell in love again
the more i hated the golden trimmings of the red velvet cushion
the more i began to wallow in it
the more i hated the seeds and water
the more i began to gobble it
and now they who put me here
have forgotten to close the golden door
and yet i cannot bring myself to fly back
back to my home from yesterday
back to that blue yonder that i lusted
because i am in love with my golden cage
Who says the bird doesnt care if the cage is golden?


P.Shivram said...

The Golden cage was yet another element to me.. Maybe it be zinc, copper or platinum..
The velvet cushion was only padding for me.. May it be filled with fur or nylon...
I couldn't apprehend if the cage was better or the outside world... Was tangled into similarity.. Sometimes, the bird is too small to distinguish the reason being it's too small..
Sometimes one has to sore too high to make out where one was, yet again not knowing what to do after reaching the heights.

Truly yours,

Vinod said...

Bird in the golden cage: I Tawt I Taw a Puddy cat.............

Granny: no tweety it's jus fa, tryin to eat u